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The Cajueiro Homestead

Set in a sprawling Cashew Plantation trucked away in Advoi Village, The Cajueiro Homestead makes for a spacious yet intimate Gateway Home to reconnect with Nature and sink into the rhythms of the Goan Countryside. Rejuvenate yourself, enjoying our simple, local nourishing meals, exploring the nature trails in and around the plantation and spending quality time with yourself and your loved ones. Barbeques, birdwatching, fishing camping, feni tasting, swimming in streams plan your experience with us, to make the most of your precious time away

We are a 25 acres plantation of Coconuts, cashew, Lime & other trees amidst Nature and solitude. Very often, you might be the only guests on the premises. If this is something you are comfortable with, we look forward to welcome you.

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Simple & Local Meals

Simple rustic goan fare made with fruits and vegetables grown on the farm.

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The Bridge Across the Brook
The Bridge Across the Brook

A bridge to fish from, a perch to dream…. This time the Crew of Cajueiro got ambitious, cobbling together a bridge.

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Of Kitchen Gardens and Saplings
Of Kitchen Gardens and Saplings

Digging and planting, watering and mulching, from seed to saplings from saplings to plants. Such is nature.

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A Stream to Soak
A Stream to Soak

A recipe for sweltering summer days: Splash and squirt, Skim stones and kiss ripples… Lay back and float, sun behind eyelids.

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Bonfires & Barbeques
Bonfires & Barbeques

.. Roasted marshmallows and crackling fires …Bows and Arrows and aim and shoot Of Spooky Stories and made-up songs

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Our Guests say

Getting back to the rhythms of nature.... With the heady scent of the cashew apple... Simple, nourishing meals made from the produce of the farm, local recipes that hit the right spot and quickly become favourites.

Conversations over Chai in Kulhads followed by walks along the Cashew trail and joining in to pluck the apples... Drowning in the intoxicating smells of nature in the backdrop of the evening chorus of crickets and other creatures waiting to be spotted.

Relaxing on the planter's chairs in the evenings with a refreshing glass of farm fresh Urrack... Being still and being with oneself.....a complete rustic vacation for the soul

Miriam Koshy-Sukhija
Miriam Koshy-SukhijaFamily Traveller

A deeply relaxing place... in the cusp of nature... traditional aromas... warm hospitality... soak it all in. But that's not it... plenty of adventure in the wild and outdoors fun amidst the sprawling plantations, streams and ponds...

Vishal Rawllee
Vishal RawlleeSingle Traveller

I had a lovely time at Cajueiro this summer. The place is nested among lush green forests and cashew plantations. The food is excellent, often using ingredients growing around like jackfruit and green papaya. The urrak was a highlight of my trip! Everyone around is very friendly and helpful.

This was especially important as we travelled with our two cats and Miriam even walked one of them for me! It was my first trip with Kaju and Marmalady and I was really apprehensive but the people at Cajuero were really accommodating: they even boiled fish for the cats on request.

The rooms are decked out with beautiful antique wood furniture and (very important for a trip in mid-April) are air conditioned. If you enjoy great food, quiet walks in woods, waking up to birds and sleeping to cicadas, then don't think twice about going to Cajueiro. It is especially recommended for pet parents who want to share the fun with their furry family members. Personally, I'm waiting for the monsoons to drink in the views of the lush ghats. Expect me back again, soon!

Madhura Chakraborty
Madhura ChakrabortyCouple Traveller

Beautiful and relaxing place ..I loved it ..the smell of ripe cashews the sound of birds early morning ,fresh home cooked food .

Shallu Sharma
Shallu SharmaFamily Traveller

Head to Cajuero Homestead for a relaxed weekend for a true blue eco experience in a lovely home, in the midst of a cashew plantation, hills and diverse flora and fauna. Cant wait to visit again!

Alakananda Nag
Alakananda NagSingle Traveller

Tree House, Bird Watching & more..........